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Internet of things, smart manufacturing, smart factory and big data are recurring keywords in today’s economic debate to draw new manufacturing traits: they are often summarized in one word: 4.0 industry.

To remain competitive the Italian productive system is called to follow the German philosophy of the interconnection of machines with data and management, while maintaining its unique traits that are based on artisanship, creativity, knowledge and inventiveness. To respond adequately to these changes and the volatility of the market companies had to reconfigure their organization coming out of the paradigm of stiffness to enter into flexibility and just in time in which the speed response (on the supply side and demand side) can make a real difference.


What are the operational tools of this revolution? To the task of putting them into “network“?

This series of meetings to be held in late April in Recanati and Lanciano has the dual aim of presenting a picture of the current situation from within the system, extending it to actors “new” as universities, training institutes and research centers that have recalibrated their activities taking into account any new potential offered by the use of additive technologies. The interaction with them could become the engine of the network going to complete the system before territorially and then at national level, this is the second goal! Thanks to Confindustria Abruzzo and Confindustria Marche we will create a workshop where there will be testimonies of highly oriented companies on additive technologies and the interconnection of things to show that good part of the industrial fabric is designed to change that a denser and denser network can trigger.

The additive technologies play a major role in this game by giving a strategic and operational contribution in the act of completing the development of the industrial product by rapid prototyping, when they allow extreme customization of the product and when they allow you to perform market preliminary tests to study consumer reactions to a new product. They entered in the industrial scene about 30 years ago and since then have influenced the design and production paradigms forcing some sectors to a global rethinking of its production activities. The benefits are visible also on plants production made by robots and automatic production cells connected to the management and monitoring system: they are able to autonomously detect malfunctions and problems, correct or maybe regenerate quickly worn parts thanks to the connection with additive manufacturing machines that in a few hours create the required parts …it is science fiction? No of course…only the future that some national excellence already know!

We look forward to you on 26 April in Recanati and on 28 April in Lanciano for a panel discussion on the subject and to collect challenges and new opportunities in the interest of our eco-production system.

Eventbrite - Le Tecnologie additive: la rivoluzione dell'industria manifatturiera

Eventbrite - Tecnologie additive: la rivoluzione dell'industria manifatturiera

Our partners are:

Fondazione ITS Sistema Meccanica – Lanciano

Fondazione ITS Tecnologia & Made in Italy – Recanati

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) Genova

Laboratorio di Ricerca del Gran Sasso (INFN) – Assergi (AQ)

Università Politecnica delle Marche

Università degli Studi dell’Aquila

Università G. D’Annunzio Chieti-Pescara

Confindustria Servizi Innovativi e Tecnologici – Fabbrica 4.0

Confindustria Abruzzo – Consulta dei servizi innovativi

Confindustria Marche – Consulta dei servizi innovativi

Digital Borgo – Pescara

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