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Digital technologies radically changed our daily lives and their implementation in the industry unleashed a revolution in both production and service industry, so we can talk about “fourth industrial revolution”, commonly we use expression like Smart Manufacturing or Industry 4.0 to describe this phenomenon. They have been object for many researches and studies by many institutions which, understanding the importance of direct training on these issues have started master classes and higher learning courses to educate new professionals 4.0.

Among the first there is the Politecnico di Torino that in November 2015 activated a Master’s Degree in Additive Manufacturing in collaboration with a group of companies directly involved in new technologies, which will collaborate operationally for the duration of the course, and under the auspices of AITA, Associazione Italiana Tecnologie Additive.

The academic program includes 400 hours of lectures over two years (of these at least 40% are guided practical activities) and 800 hours at the participating companies,

“Selected students will be trained in the technical and business skills that allow them to collaborate in all phases of Additive Manufacturing processes, knowledge of materials and technologies, development and manufacture of new models and their integration with conventional manufacturing processes.”

Our region can count on excellence in tertiary vocational training, the foundation ITS Sistema Meccanica di Lanciano who  in recent days took part in the first conference of the Italian network of ITS in Bologna together with the institutions of other six regions. The network, created in 2015 to facilitate the exchange of innovation and good practice, is the first initiative of this kind in Italy and counts ITS most advanced in the field of mechanical and mechatronics, all recognized for excellence by the Ministry of Education. The president of ITS Lanciano Joseph Candeloro during his speech summed up clearly the new challenge that awaits our country:

“The ITS mechanics and mechatronics are ready to meet the challenge of Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, which will bring the demand for new professional profiles and new skills, and that represents a great opportunity for the younger generation. […] ITS foundations are valued based on their performance and the presence of major companies, the definition of professional profiles to the design of internships and the provision of their own staff for teaching, causes must respond and adapt necessarily the paradigm shifts taking place”.


The central government and several industry associations among the hot topics discuss the theme on the alternation between school and work, because it is the basis on which to build the new professionalism 4.0 and the future digital and smart economy. This upgrade needs infrastructure on the territory capable of sustaining the tools of the new industry, and there is a long way before the whole Italy will be ready for this. We hope that in the very short time the first objective of the central and local governments become to provide the necessary infrastructure to Italian industry to create the interconnection between people, resources and data.

It will be good for big, medium and small sized industry.

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