Topographer for a complete ocular diagnosis

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Customer objective: The Optikon company oversaw the design and planning of the Keratron ™ Onda and after a few validation steps with prototypes it was ready for the engineering of plastic injection molds.

Solution proposed by Coesum: We have engineered the molds for the two bodies, the base, the display frame, the side wheel covers, the ventilation filter holder, the cap cover, the ventilation flap and the front door.

Results: In about 12 weeks between the start of the engineering phase and the final delivery of the first production we concluded the project.

Optikon is an Italian company based in Rome that since 1966 has been producing high-tech instruments, which allow ophthalmologists and optometrists to always find better treatments for the sight of their patients. With a constant investment in plants, high-tech components and logistics services, Optikon aims to guarantee the highest technical and quality standards in combination with the maximum reliability of its products.

The Keratron ™ Onda, is a topographer, aberrometer and autorefractometer which allows a complete ocular diagnosis. Ocular Aberrometry and the consequent ocular refraction can also be performed under accommodative stress by replacing the use of cycloplegics. An aberrometric parameter was identified, the “Strehl Report”, which allows to find, by means of a new software function, the sphero-cylindrical correction which, even in the presence of important aberrations, gives the maximum visual acuity.

All the molds have been designed for the production with ABS V0 RAL 9001 material, the shells and the base constitute the heart of the machine’s aesthetics.

Really thanks to Optikon and her team!

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