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Small series production with silicone mold replicas fit perfectly in contexts where aesthetic finishing is required. This is illustrated, for example, in the case history that we present today to the gentle approval of our customer Decomedical di J.M.L. srl (, a historic company dedicated to the design and manufacture of aesthetic devices.

This technology has been of great help to our customer to start sales of new machine models before proceeding with the heavy investment on production molds. We have made some models of multi-device compatible tips and connectors so that they can get even scale economies without the aesthetic being lost.


Silicone replicas faithfully produce the master of stereolithography, so the more it is “perfect” the more replicas will be, and once painted, they become real aesthetic parts.

Three working weeks are standard production times for a complete set of 25 replicas, fast times that allow you to handle also just-in-time requests.

Still thanks to Decomedical by J.M.L. Srl to being our partners.

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