Tip for Emisymmetric Bilateral Emitter

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Some time ago Elkmed company involved us in an interesting design project for the tip of a medical device. Our designer Giovanni Annese has studied this elegant solution starting from the existing electronics with the intent of creating a discreet yet ergonomic and design element. The device in question is a Emisymmetric Bilateral Emitter, a manufacturer of infinitesimal excitations (few billionths of watts) that tend to restore proper electromagnetic transit across the central nervous system of the human body (http://www.elkmed.it).

As usual our architect has presented 3 aesthetic proposals to the customer that have been merged into the final shape you see in the render to best meet the aesthetic tastes of the customers by guaranteeing large scale production with injection molding.

The earliest prototypes made in stereolithography gave positive feedback on ergonomics, compatibility with electronics and aesthetics; then we made a first limited series production using silicon mold replicas to do complete functional texts on the outpatient devices.

The impact on the market has been interesting and is growing for a versatile instrument that tends to activate the physiological response of the Patient’s body repair alongside conventional therapies.

Many thanks to Elkmed for involving us in this project!

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