The Universe in your pocket through 3D Printing

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Universo in 3D

Would you like to start the New Year carrying a material reproduction of the Universe in your pocket? How? Creating it! Exploiting both the best of theoretical knowledge and high tech.

Dave Clements, a scientist and teacher of a prestigious university in London and his students made a plastic prototype of the native to Universe using 3D printing the plastic prototype of the native to Universe proposing it both  scientists and to anyone interested. Yes, because anyone can use it selecting size and colour. This little ball in your pocket is a real information container collected over the years by the “Panck” satellite of Elsa, that has intercepted and has deciphered the cosmic radiation background, the residue and the echo of the first steps to the Universe after the Big Bang. In it we can see the first light that broke the primitive mists and the beginning  of travel over 13,8 billion years. For scientists’ research that message means to reveal the cosmic structure. And so you can tighten in your palm hand an inusual and miniaturized tratise on astronomy, no longer carried out through two-dimensional prints.

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