The new HBF Iconic Cup prototype

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HBF Iconic Cup…when design, art and 3D manufacturing meet together!

The Hoffman, Barney & Foscari Limited is a multi-division company based in London, dedicated among other things to the creation of new original and iconic products (HBF Design and Luxury).

Their first design project was this porcelain Cup by Glauco Della Sciucca and then Giordano Marchegiani, created as the first prototype in collaboration with Coesum.

We are very pleased to present you the Making of the “new HBF Iconic Cup prototype”, enjoy it!

The prototype was made using stereolithography technology (SLA), a 3D additive manufacturing technology that allows you to obtain very detailed and aesthetic plastic parts. The extremely smooth texture allows the prototypes to be subjected to many surface finishes including painting, vacuum metalization or screen printing.

The finishing work on the Iconic Cup was done manually with particular care and attention so that the first specimen was the perfect testimonial of the new HBF line!

Thanks to Hoffman, Barney & Foscari Limited and see you soon for new style products.

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