The guarantee of the confidentiality of your data

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Your data is safe with COESUM!!

This year we have decided to invest in the improvement of our IT platform, equipping ourselves with a more advanced system to guarantee the maximum security of the exchange data with our customers.

The starting point of the relationship with our customers is the sharing of confidential information, very often covered by a patent, and before every exchange of information our custom is the signing of an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

The next step is the sharing of product specifications, data, drawings, three-dimensional files, and everything necessary to understand the specific needs of the project to be developed. We have always considered data management with our customer to be of fundamental importance, and this year we decided to invest in strengthening our internal system.

The Digital Transformation process has allowed us to equip ourselves with a new technically very advanced “Cluster” high-reliability (HA) information system and latest-generation internal and perimeter security systems in line with ISO 27001 safety standards.

Thanks to the scrupulous collaboration of the company CORE SOLUTION, a systemic services provider, we have implemented a set of High Value Added services including a new FTP area to make your 3D file transfers faster, easier and safer thanks also to the systems of Multi-Factor Authentication.

To immediately activate your personal area, call +39 871 250230 or send an e-mail to

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