The first hi-tech shoe with graphene

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This morning has been presented at Micam in Milan the first shoe made with the help of graphene. It is a project born from the collaboration between the footwear company Fadel, based in Lucca, and the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa.

The IIT, research flagship applied in Italy, has long been engaged in graphene flagship 2013-2023, European project which has received a billion of funding to speed up the passage of graphene from the lab to the mass market, today the raw material is produced inside IIT Graphene Labs and in the spin-off Bedimensional.


The 30 researchers of IIT laboratories have found a way to immerse graphene netting structure in the polyurethane, the primary material of soles and insoles of Fadel shoes transferring some important chemical properties to them. The two-dimensional crystals of carbon and the hexagonal structure with which he presents this innovative material gives a greater heat loss and therefore greater comfort for the foot, greater impenetrability of the material to bacterial agents, and a very compelling lightness and flexibility.


The first step of this collaboration concerned specifically the study and the optimization of the material to be mixed to the insole of the shoe, there is provided a second step that will analyze the terms of the integration of graphene in machinery and chemical processes that are used to the construction of the shoe series, so bringing this new material to the fore in the world of mass production.

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