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In recent days the TEDx, an event based on a non-profit organization, was held in Pescara at the Auditorium Flaiano. The event aims to share ideas on multiple fields of innovation to support and safeguard the environment and beyond.

The conference started in California in 1984 and its mission has grown due to the many initiatives carried out.

The conference brings together in one place brilliant minds to facilitate worldwide dissemination of winning ideas and to achieve substantial changes for our future life.

Dialogue is stimulated locally to share new ideas and give the opportunity to implement them internationally.

The TEDx event can be organized using the license provided by TED and following a general guide model for the organization.

“Being Human” is the theme of the second edition that was held in Pescara and it focuses on the value of man. The bearer of this idea is Filippo Spiezia, founder & Creative Director of the international event Digital Design Days.

The discussion will range from the reuse of plastic to safeguard the environment to the concept of inclusion, from digital processes that can generate fake news to the concept of innovation.

Our compliments also go above all to a project that unites us in the spirit and technology of use: thanks and congratulations to Francesco Puzello additive manufacturing specialist, R&D Department and chief editor of 3D4Growth. On this occasion he presented his project “from waste to resource” to transform waste plastic into new urban furnishings and goods useful to the community.

A unique and original opportunity that defines new and stimulating horizons for 3D printing, new applications and production systems for additive printing that also opens up new horizons both in industrial and urban design.

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