Coesum gives shape to your idea by creating new product concepts and new forms, all the while guaranteeing industrial feasibility.

Co-design with our customers allows us to enter into synergy with their own Values ​​and Vision in order to interpret them with our creativity and our experience and develop them by working closely with the entire mechanical and testing design team.

This is how new and innovative products come to life. You will see them take shape initially as mockup, then as functional prototypes, and finally as products ready for market. You can quickly develop your product and get it to your customers, trade fair or agents in the space of a few weeks, all through just one partnership.

We defin your product style

The main activities and services provided by Coesum Industrial design department are:

  • Definition of product style through sketches and drafting
  • 3D rendering of proposed designs with contextualization and texturing
  • In-house 3D modelling for fast production of prototypes for testing
  • Constant and continuous collaboration with engineering and production departments to make the optimal choices for the production process
  • Research and development of packaging


Frequently Asked Questions

What sectors do you have experience in?

We have assisted customers in developing new products for medical, aesthetic, home automation, consumer electronics and security devices sectors, components and accessories for the automotive industry and the military, small and large household appliances, fitness machines and accessories, special machines for industrial applications and laboratory instruments.

Can you realize my idea even if I have no expertise in mechanical design?

Yes, of course. We listen to your idea and analyze the feasibility of its design and production. Once a set of guidelines has been mutually agreed, we will develop all the necessary components to make sure that your idea works and can be manufactured, all with a constant focus on optimization of industrialization costs!

Can you also realize the electronic part of my product?

We turn to specialized partners for the design of electronic boards and systems in order to provide integrated support for the development of your complete products.

Can you also help me with patent applications?

For certifications and patent applications you must refer to specialized agencies that have direct access channels to application forms and regulations. We can indicate some of these agencies to you, without any obligation.

Can you help me coat a machine/device internally produced with sheet metal?

Of course, we can coat your machine or device even when there are pre-existing elements to be incorporated and integrated in the new produ

What do you mean for Intelligent Design?

For us intelligence applied to design is the perfect combination of aesthetics and function. Indeed, functionality is a key element in all the projects we work on. During identification of needs, our industrial design department shares with the customer all details used to define the project as a whole and offers an integrated solution that encompasses aspects of aesthetics, language, communication, usability, functionality, environment, reuse, information, sharing, interaction, sustainability, etc. To entrust the development of a new product to Coesum Design means not only to choose a reliable and established partner, but also to have a single point of contact for all stages of development up to the mass production of every component.

What do you mean for "a single point of contact"?

We can accompany our customers in the entire development process. At the industrial design stage, we proceed with the development of three aesthetic proposals and related renderings. With the proposal selected by the customer, we proceed to engineering and testing stages. We have an extensively equipped in-house workshop for the production of prototypes with different technologies of rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing and traditional machine tool manufacturing. Subsequently, we can also take the customer through the production phase of plastic and aluminium parts with various Italian and foreign partners. All this allows you to consult with experts on any issues throughout the entire process!

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