By exploiting the characteristics of our machines you can make monolithic pieces up to 600X500X310 mm in ASA, TPU, PA66, PA12 Carbon, PC, PC ABS, POM. Great geometric freedom and thanks to definitive materials your products are ready for the final market!

Exploiting the characteristics of our machines, you can realize monolithic pieces of any shape up to 900x650x500mm, and thanks to the materials we make available, your products could already be ready for market!

The raw material is heated and extruded through a hot nozzle and, in the form of small drops, is deposited layer by layer following the object’s corresponding geometry in CAD, starting from the base and progressively moving to the top of the object. If necessary, to guarantee the stability of the prototype during the process, the machine software creates supports, easy to remove and the piece is ready for use As with all additive manufacturing technologies, FDM gives users greater freedom in forms and use of final materials, which makes it suitable for the realization of functional prototypes, spares to replace worn or damaged parts and prototypes with proven thermal, chemical or mechanical resistance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FDM?

FDM means Fused Deposition Modelling. This process produces parts with thermoplastic polymers deposited on a plane in a molten state.

What materials can be used?

We can produce prototypes in ABS, PC and ULTEM.

In what format should I send the files?

You can send files in various formats: -.stl, -.stp, -.iges, -.x_t, -.model, -.sat, -.prt, -.par or native SolidWorks, Catia V5 (r15) or Cimatron -.step. In some cases, for CNC machining, for example, a 2D drawing may be enough, though this can only be confirmed by our technical department on quotation. Once the order has been made, for all machining operations the 3D files will be used. The 2D files will only be used to check dimensional tolerances. In case of any discrepancy between the 2D and 3D files, Coesum will use the 3D files in its possession.

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