Our experience in the three-dimensional modelling combined with know-how in the latest prototyping and production technologies drive development personalized for your project and your needs.

The industrial market is increasingly demanding and thus creating synergies between design and mechanical functionality becomes the strength of each new project.

All this allows us to support our customers in the mechanical design of finished products and special machines, with our particular expertise in plastic and aluminium parts.

We transform the idea into a product

All activities are carried out via 3D CAD design platforms so that we can offer you viable and competitive solutions fast:

  • Research and development of consumer products and mechanical components
  • Feasibility studies and design of special machines
  • Development of drawings, assembly indications, drafts, specifications and technical manuals
  • Product engineering and industrialization
  • 2D and 3D CAD modelling and design
  • Research and engineering of plastic and metal parts
  • Structural calculation of components and assemblies
  • Management and monitoring of assembly testing, inspections and functional testing with production departments


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you design certification compliant devices?

Yes, we can indeed engineer products that meet industry-specific certifications or regulations. The certification process itself, however, remains the responsibility of the customer.

Can you design specialized machinery?

We also have expertise in the design of specialized machinery, namely machinery designed for specific tasks and actions and programmed to work with other connected devices.

Can you design structural hardware components?

Yes, our engineering department can work on production parts in plastic or metal materials.

Can you design equipment with parts and components in more than one material?

Yes, we can design complex machines that require the perfection interaction of parts and components in multiple materials.

Can you help me modify a metal component so that it can be produced in plastic, if I don’t have the necessary design skills?

Yes, we usually start with a feasibility study to determine a set of guidelines for the project. From there, the redesign of the component involves both the design of a new form in the new material and the definition of its production technology.

Can I also get consultation for a feasibility study?

Yes, it is standard practice of ours to perform feasibility studies on the project before moving on to its final design. This phase is essential, especially for the development of new products, special machinery and complex projects that require clear ideas about general feasibility, structural layout, main components and materials, functional and production processes, prediction of development costs of the first prototype and final production costs.

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