Coesum is structured to follow the series production of parts in plastic and aluminum through the construction of definitive molds in aluminum, hardened or tempered steel. Our experience is mainly concentrated in the production of small lots that do not exceed thousands of units per year.

In co-design with the customer the team of our technical department follows the mold design. To satisfy the multiple requests, for over 20 years we have consolidated a network of partners in China and other areas of Eastern Europe that follow us in the production of molds.

COESUM service provides for the complete management of the project, from the design of the equipment to the plastic molding or die-casting of aluminum and zamak.

COESUM is equipped with an internal mechanical workshop for the management of modifications and maintenance also extraordinary on molds as well as on production parts.

Generally we make the production directly here in Italy to control the procurement of the raw material also certified, and to satisfy material requests like ROHS, REACH, self-extinguishing, medical, food certification.

In our interior we also have an optical scanner to reverse engineer disused equipment for new chianges or to control on-production parts with dimensional reports.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What production materials can be used?

You can use all thermoplastic materials and alloys of aluminium, zamak and zinc

Can I also create polished pieces?

Yes, you can also make objects with a polished finish. It is recommended that this is specified at the mould design stage.

Can the parts be reworked by CNC?

Yes, injection moulded parts can be machined and reprocessed with CNC machines in accordance with machining drawings provided by the customer.

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