Scale 3D models and special machines.

For fairs or special projects to present to an audience, our customers ask us to reproduce mockup or 3D scale models that serve to represent the product or its specific functionality.

For trade fair needs or special projects to be presented to end-customers, our own customers ask us to create scale mockup to represent the final product or a specific feature. This happens especially when the finished product is of a particularly large size and only a scale model can be easily transported and presented.

These projects generally require the use of multiple technologies and materials to attain the desired result. Only our consolidated experience in the field allows us to manage these types of project that require an open mind and synergy developed over years of work. Our design and engineering department provides invaluable support in managing and editing files and in the design of showrooms, display cases and boards and any other aids to the management of this type of activity.  


Frequently Asked Questions

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