Product Design

At Coesum we have this vision of Industrial Design: giving shape to your idea by creating new product concepts, always guaranteeing industrial feasibility. Working in co-design with our client allows us to enter into synergy with its Values and Vision.

Technologies and Materials

The 3D scanning of an object in the industrial field can have a double utility: acquire the 3D geometry of an object to use it in a software environment or check the physical product by comparing it with the 3D geometry that generated it.

Product Design

This is how new and innovative products are born, you will see them take shape initially as a mockup, then as functional prototypes and finally as definitive parts ready to be put on the market. You will be able to quickly develop your product and take it to your market, at the fair or to your agents in just a few weeks, managing a single point of contact for all this. The activities and services carried out by the Coesum Industrial design department are: Definition of the style by drawing up sketches and sketches 3d rendering of design proposals with contextualizations and textures Internal 3D modeling to quickly produce prototypes for tests Constant and continuous comparison with engineering and production departments to define optimal choices for the production process.

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