SEAGULL innovative ultralight seaplane

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With great satisfaction and honor we accepted the proposal to collaborate in the project of the SEAGULL “Gabbiano”, an innovative ultralight seaplane for civil and military applications, characterized by an automated wing folding system (patent n. 102017000131163), hybrid-electric propulsion , extensive use of composite materials and low-cost production processes.

The inspiration for the creation of the aircraft comes directly from the animal world, in particular from the seagull, for its ability to fly and land almost vertically with an articulated movement of the wings.

To carry out tests in the wind tunnel (UAS Brindisi), useful for evaluating the aerodynamic performance of the aircraft, we were commissioned to create a scale model and the construction of the complex wing system. The individual components were made of 7075 aluminum by CNC machining with a 5-axis milling cutter. The design was immediately aimed at this manufacturing technology to have full, structurally solid and geometrically centered details, hence the need to work them with a 5-axis milling machine ensuring compliance with the dimensions.

The subtractive production technology has the double advantage of being able to use definitive materials (plastic or metal without distinction) obtaining a precision not yet achievable by additive printing technologies. CNC machining is therefore strongly recommended when the need for precision is combined with the needs of material behavior for the purposes of certification or immediate use of the product.

The “flying boat” as the aircraft has been renamed is undoubtedly a highly innovative project as it combines the idea of an economical and easy-to-manage two-seater means of transport with an almost unlimited ability to adapt to ports or landings unthinkable for an aircraft of such nature.

The scale model created for the tests will be exhibited at Mediterranean Aerospace Matching 2021 and will testify to the excellence and commitment of our territory in the general aviation sector.

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