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A work of extraordinary design considering total size, scope and type of installation: we are talking about the scale model that we have created for “Autostrade Centro Padane. The company operates in Cremona and manages 88.6 km of highway, from Piacenza to Brescia; in 2012 he needed to study the impact of a bridge on the river Panaro and has asked for our support engineer the mockup 1:50 made by a mix of rapid prototyping technologies.

The first task performed by our team was to design the 3D CAD model of the bridge including footings, pillars and arches and choose the right technologies to their implementation and the final held at the time of testing. Designer and machining manager have agreed to carry the details with two technologies: CNC process for pedestals, pillars and lateral arches, stereolithography for top arches. The choice was considered according to the weight that the individual parts were called to bear and to external stresses due to the ultimate test … in the water!

Well, the model had the ultimate goal of simulating especially variations of the rivers banks with standard flood levels of the river and submit the results to the commission responsible for the environmental impact assessment and other necessary considerations for the great works.

We make a video to better explain the final work of testing the structure … enjoy it!

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