Customer Objective: Our customer wants to develop a modern and captivating Rover, inspired by the "Bat Mobile" for both militar and civil aim.

Coesum Solution: We made a unique aesthetic solution because the client's specifications were very detailed and well defined. In a few weeks it was possible to view the render and verify compliance with the specific requests. During the development we also kept in mind the production specifications and limit the number of equipment as much as possible.

Result: The vehicle was developed quickly; after the approval of the design we moved to the engineering of the casing and all the necessary brackets for the assembly with the structure. Then we go on with the production of a first mockup made of ABS with CNC mechanical processing to meet the specifications of robustness.


Portfolio Description

Roby Guard is a product of the DA-RT line owned by Info Solution SPA, It is a brand born in 2017 dedicated to autonomous vehicles, robotics and artificial intelligence; the goal of each project is to make intelligent vehicles. Roby Guard is a surveillance Rover designed for building control. Suitable for outdoor environments it is able to self-locate, to move easily even in rough environments and to withstand the elements. In remote mode the user has the possibility to view the same images of the vehicle, of course in case of danger or detection of foreign personnel launches the alarm.

The starting point for this project was the sharing of very detailed operating specifications. A highly innovative and technological product rich in internal components, sensors, cameras and operating electronics. The dimensions of the machine are: L 848 mm; P 990 mm; H 547/963 mm, for a total weight of about 68 Kg. Roby Guard is able to geo localize, rework the route to avoid fixed or moving obstacles, it is equipped with an anti-collision and intruder detection system, it can also be used in autonomous or remote assisted driving mode.

All this know-how shared with Info Solution gave us the opportunity to study an original, unique aesthetic solution inspired by the “Bat Mobile”. Once again, our challenge has been to study an aesthetically sound solution that is both functional and producible. Our architect Giovanni Annese, who has personally followed this project, has managed very well in this challenge, from the starting point he has created a new and innovative design visible in the right-hand render.

After the first stages of design development we moved on to engineering; this step marks the transition from photorealistic renderings to 3D CAD files indispensable for production. We have optimized the positioning of all the components according to the operating specifications of the machine shared with the customer. To validate the development phases we have created a first working prototype; all the components have been made of ABS with CNC mechanical machining to meet the requirements of robustness and operation. The fairing is composed of two parts, a front and an upper part that mate in the front part of the vehicle. For subsequent productions we have chosen thermoforming with a countermold necessary to obtain the radii. There are several reasons that have contributed to this choice, first of all the shape and geometry of the pieces, but also the product runs that initially will not be very high, being a highly technological product with possible customizations.

Thanks to Info Solution and all its staff for getting us involved in this project; a truly exciting challenge for an innovative and successful project!


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