For this project we followed all the product development phases from industrial design to mass production. After the presentation of the aesthetic solutions we made a stereolithography prototype with which the design and engineering phases were validated. The next step was the design and production of molds for plastic molding.


Portfolio Description

AEInnovation, a company engaged in the development of home automation solutions, asked us to design, in just a few weeks, the design of a home automation device capable of housing the internal electronic components and also be aesthetically attractive.
The product – which urgently needed to find an aesthetic solution of product design – is OMNIA GENIUS, a smart box created to offer a new way of experiencing the home and managing energy savings, comfort and safety in a single product. Omnia Genius is a smart device that allows users to remotely control energy consumption via an app on their smartphone.

In the first instance, we heard and accepted the client’s objective: to design and produce a few thousand pieces of a customized container for a new product to be marketed in a very short time.

Coesum solution: our designer Arch. Giovanni Annese shared with the customer the project specifications, the dimensions of the electronic part and internal components as well as the cable gland for the antenna. The box had to be developed quickly so we concentrated the study of product design on two slightly different geometries and the delivery of related photorealistic renderings.

The customer has chosen the solution with the most sinuous shape and therefore we have engineered all the parts to be made of plastic.

We have created a first model in rapid prototyping of stereolithography to give the customer the possibility to validate the shape, as well as to do the first ergonomic and assembly tests. In the prototype phase, the logo to be affixed to the circle area was produced by adhesive to optimize times.

Once the engineering phases were defined and the executive 3d files and the prototype were delivered, the customer was able to validate the project and we started with the design of the molds and the molding in series. The steel mold was designed with a single footprint and production of the first 1000 ABS parts started.

The box was made with two different surface finishes – embossed and polished – to give greater visibility to the product’s design and refined style. The logo was made by screen printing on plastic molding pieces.

Result: In about 8 weeks the customer had the first production batch to be marketed. Rapid development has made it possible to reduce development times and reduce product development costs

A project of real success, thanks to AEInnovation for choosing us in product development!


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