Objective of the customer: Produce a metal signal lamp composed of an aluminum body and cover with an average circulation of thousands of pieces per year. Appliances installed in work environments, in addition to ensuring the correct identification of escape routes, must also have a good aesthetic finish.

Solution proposed by Coesum: The number of fixtures, the geometry, the conditions of use of the product and the materials required make the univocal identification of the production process with which to produce the details. The solution could only be aluminum die-casting. After having been produced the pieces are smoothed and painted.

Results: LINERGY still relies on Coesum to produce this well-established product in its reference market.


Portfolio Description

The ORION lamp is a Linergy Srl product with an autonomous design structure that continually seeks design solutions for the development of new, increasingly technological products that are attentive to the needs of installers and users. The selection of suppliers, the control of incoming material, the management of external processes, final testing and assembly, all proceeds according to high organizational and quality standards. All this to guarantee a sure and constant quality and a high degree of reliability over time of LINERGY products. The mechanical design of this product was also entirely followed by Linergy, which provided us with the final and optimized files for the chosen production process. Orion is a signal lamp with a linear and minimalist design, characterized by a metal body and a solid reliability. Both the body and the cover are made entirely of die-cast aluminum.

The body has a dimension of 315X269X39 mm and the cover 85X184X280 mm. COESUM has followed the design of the molds, the realization of the molds and the relative production of aluminum die-casting pieces. The pieces are subjected to post-production leveling to improve planarity and aesthetics; in addition to the production parts, CNC mechanical drilling and threading operations are carried out. To finish the pieces they are powder coated to obtain a better aesthetic result compared to the raw product. All the subsequent processes that are done on the pieces allow LINERGY to have a single interlocutor in the production management of the pieces that are then carefully selected and assembled by the customer. Thanks to LINERGY and all its staff that for years has chosen COESUM as its partner for the co-production of its products!


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