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Pliers for automation with silicone replicas

For some time we have been working with great satisfaction with FA-Tech Diagnostics, a leader in the development of high-tech laser identification systems. Among the projects we follow for them is the production of some calipers that are used in the hospital environment to automate the drawer opening without operator intervention. Initially, Fa-Tech used one of the rapid prototyping processes: stereolithography, to produce pliers and perform the first assembly and functionality tests on the details. After this first phase we moved on to the production of pliers with silicone mold replicas.


Portfolio Description

Among the projects that we follow for them there is the production of certain grippers that are used in hospitals to make automatic opening drawers without the intervention of an operator.

Initially the Fa-Tech has used one of rapid prototyping processes: stereolithography, for producing pliers and run the first tests on the details of assembly and functionality.

After this first phase we switched to the production of the grippers with the replicas from the silicone mold.

This technology is particularly suitable for small series production and is very often used in the medical field to produce final pieces that are used as if they were caused by plastic molding. Even Fa-Tech has used this process and is able to have very quickly the details he needs.

The material used for castings is the PX 2017 HT, a counter type ABS / PP loaded; It is used for casting in silicone molds for the realization of pieces prototypes and models, and also for small productions (like in this case) with mechanical properties similar to those of thermoplastics.

All this allows to optimize the production process of these pieces both in terms of time and cost.

Thanks to Fa-Tech by all the staff of Coesum for having given us this project!


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