Laser protection case with CNC machining

Customer objective: FAE srl goal was to produce a case with CNCmachining in the aim to reduce time and costs. The enclosure must be suitable for installation mainly in industrial environments Coesum solution: Together with FAE we agreed to produce CNC machining parts because of the small number of pieces, the geometry and the using conditions of use of the product. Results: FAE was able to quickly have the case and proceed with installation at the customer. COESUM is structured for the production of small series by CNC milling.

Portfolio Description

FAE is a company founded in 1976 by the initiative of the founder Agostino Farruggia. Among the numerous exclusive products and components there are the Measuring Lasers, instruments suitable for measuring distance in the mainly steel sector.

FAE has customized this product and specially designed this case to protect the instrument and ensure its operation even in highly critical situations.

The housing has been designed to house two different sizes of lasers. The drawings and engineering were handled directly by FAE, which developed it according to the size of the instrument that is assembled internally.

From the very beginning we have shared the production of full cases using CNC machines. The first productions were made in steel and then we switched to aluminum to optimize production costs and to lighten the product, facilitating subsequent assembly and installation operation.

The numerical control subtractive working method is the oldest production process, still today very often it is the only viable path because it guarantees the use of definitive material and a very high degree of precision. The parts produced with this technology are pieces of production and in some cases are used to undergo certification, functional tests and final installation. With this production process it is possible to use any workable material both metallic – steel, aluminum, brass, titanium etc. – that plastic – ABS, Ureol, POM, PA, PMMA.

In this specific case the choice of this production technology was obliged; first of all the number of pieces to be produced for each shot does not allow the construction of aluminum die-casting production equipment and besides FAE had from the very beginning to produce these metal pieces to guarantee the correct operation in the environments of use for which not it was possible to think of redesigning everything to adopt other production technologies for plastics.

Thanks very much to FAE and all its staff!


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