Electronical devices

Innovation for Wireless Charging Technologies

Customer objective: To produce a pre-series that simulates the product in a very short time to present a new product to the customer

Coesum proposal: At first we made stereolithography prototypes to carry out the first tests that allowed us to make rather substantial design changes. Then our customer needed to produce a pre-production of 5/6 pieces in like-ABS material that also had a greater mechanical resistance, so we produced the pieces with silicone vacuum castings.

Results: The customer made quick tests on the functioning and ergonomics of the product and related design changes. The entire project take advantage on these emprovements also in production.


Portfolio Description

EGGTronic is an Italian electronic company operating all over the world; a group of young and talented people, specialized in mechatronics and electronics engineering. Always at work to devise and develop new and innovative solutions and during the development of the Tray he met COESUM. The project was born with the desire to expand the consumer products market for Wireless Charging technologies. Tray is composed of 3 modules.

The first prototypes were made in stereolithography to make dimensional checks  and assembly tests on the pieces. Following some design changes that emerged from the prototype tests, we made a pre-series with silicone mold replicas. This process is suitable in cases like this where it is necessary to produce more than few prototypes and there is definitely a qualitative advantage over the performance of the material. The silicone replicas faithfully replicate the master that is used to produce the mold so the precision is the same as the first stereolithography prototype. With each mold it is possible to produce 25 pieces on average.

With this prototypes it was possible to deliver a pre-production to the end customer, the precision of the pieces and the strength of the material made it possible to produce a representative sampling of the finished product.

Eggtronic then coated with genuine leather two of the three modules while the tray support frame was painted in glossy black.

All this made it possible to present the product to the customer quickly and with excellent results.


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