Device for detecting Radon


The first RAMONA prototype was made of SLA resin technology for the room, while the other components were made of nylon ABS material and 100-150 micron precision FDM i technology. The second prototype was made entirely in FDM and nylon-ABS at 300 micron.

After the first two prototyping experiences with technologies such as SLA, nylon-ABS, FDM 100 to 300 microns, we collaborated to realize the third prototype; For Promete it was necessary to use a material with characteristics similar to those of the Acetale, and amongst the various alternatives our proposal was to use the Accura XTreme Plastic (gray color) Resin Stereolithography that simulates ABS features for testing Indoor. For outdoor testing, the solution we have proposed has been to produce parts with castings from silicone replicas to have as much detail as polyethylene.


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