Control device for woodworking machine tools

The controller we worked on is a remote-control device for woodworking machine tools. They turned to us for the engineering of the shells since the controller had to meet IP65 requirements. For this reason, the most suitable solution was the insertion of a co-molded gasket in the rear shell. The engineering department of Coesum worked for the engineering of the device and the 3D design of the individual parts of the case to make the product producible by injection molding. The device has two versions, one wireless and one wired, therefore it can also be connected to a battery and with a hole in the shell for connection by cable. This special requirement together with the request to create a single mold for each shell in the two versions, wireless and wired, required careful study by our engineering department. The final solution adopted was to insert interchangeable anchors in the production mold of the front shell to print one or the other version. While for the rear shell the final choice was to make two separate molds. A fourth mold completes the whole device and is the one dedicated to the co-molding of the sealing gasket with the rear shell, for both versions. This mold was also designed with two interchangeable plugs to make the cable entry hole in the wired version or not. In the first molding tests we used rubbers of different hardness so that the customer could decide the most suitable one by performing the drop resistance tests necessary for the certification of the controller. In fact, the legislation provides that the device must in fact be able to fall a certain number of times from heights of not less than 1 meter without suffering damage such as to compromise its use The tests carried out gave a positive result therefore the certification and testing phase was passed.


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