BARBIERI electronic is an international manufacturer and supplier of intelligent color measurement systems that guarantee the highest image quality for professional digital printing.

Their experience is concentrated in the design and implementation of intelligent colorimeters specifically dedicated to digital printing. Their products allow to obtain the reference color code on a wide range of materials from fabric to paper and more. The project they have entrusted to us is for Spectro LFP qb Textile Edition, a unique solution in the world for automatic color measurement in digital printing on fabric.

A niche product for the satisfaction of very demanding customers. For this project, silicone mold replication technology was, and continues to be, an important resource to make a plastic accessory component that supports the arm during measurement.

The material used for production is a loaded ABS / PP countertype, it is possible to download the technical data sheet of the PX 2017 HT. Once again, rapid manufacturing technologies have proved to be a solution for an innovative product of undisputed success, thanks to Barbieri electronic for choosing us!


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