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Coesum mask with interchangeable filters

The emergency that we are experiencing in recent weeks due to the pandemic from Covid-19 he confronted us with the awareness that we will have to acquire new habits and behaviors to protect our health and that of other people.

This awareness has been the driving force behind our design work, giving life to the project of a new mask with interchangeable filter entirely designed and built in Coesum. Our designer Arch. Giovanni Annese has studied the ergonomics of this personal protective equipment PPE to make it as comfortable as possible to adapt it both to daily city life and to the needs of work in the office or in the production environment.


Portfolio Description

The Coesum mask is equipped with an interchangeable front filter, it is therefore a product destined to last over time. At the moment the project is in the certification phase and the mask will be made of soft plastic with recyclable and biocompatible materials to ensure everyone’s usability. The plastic material used allows you to sanitize it, even sterilize it in an autoclave to ensure maximum safety and hygiene at each use. We thought of printing it in a transparent material to make it more discreet once worn, an advantage not least in everyday contexts or in business relationships with the public.

The concept of the Coesum mask itself also provides the possibility to personalize it with company logos or various types of prints to accommodate the needs of companies that want to give a distinctive feature to the individual protective devices of their employees.


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