Portfolio Description

CAB SpA is a company from Campania which for almost 25 years has been developing highly innovative and reliable products in the HO.RE.CA sector, and precisely in the field of granulators. In 2013 CAB presented the Blaze model at Host fair, it completely disrupts the market for granita machines. They have chosen to involve Coesum in order to optimize the development phases to and obtain positive effects on the production and on the time-to-market of the product.

We shared with CAB all the design specifications and realized prototypes to validate the project both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. The realization of the prototypes in transparent stereolithography and the silicone mold castings allowed CAB to test the project and make appropriate design changes to optimize production. After this phase, the production was started in series with V0 and FDA material.

Blaze is a mini-slush machine with a patented vertical movement system that allows the production and delivery of products such as granita, creams, yoghurts and sorbets. With its small size it is ideal for those who have limited daily product consumption. The extremely low energy consumption and the innovative look make Blaze also a functional and modern piece of furniture. Available in a 2-liter version.

When CAB presented this project, the first goal was to bring the product to the fair to present it to the global market; so we mobilized to produce a couple of models using silicone mold castings to achieve the highest quality both aesthetically and functionally, very similar to final pieces injection molded.

The initial prototyping was also useful for validating the customer engineering phases and optimizing the workpiece geometry for production purposes. In the choice of molding materials, the use of food products has been binding and at the same time classified V0 according to the standard reference.

At a later stage, we also worked for CAB for the production of transparent prototypes for the Choko Blaze model for the water level indicator. Here too, the production of a pre-series using silicone mold casting was useful for making changes to the geometry of the piece and making it printable.

In the case of this cone the molding material is transparent ABS with a double satin finish in the lower and shiny area on the highest cylinder where the water level must be visible.


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