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Automated compact analyser

Customer objective: Give the right shape to a fully automatic, compact analyzer with a simple and intuitive interface. A device designed for small and medium-sized laboratories, obviously Made in Italy.

Solution proposed by Coesum: Create a rational and extremely functional design, which can maximize machine's affordance. The color choice recalls the corporate logos and contrast with the aseptic reference environment. Design forms but immediately reproducible in scale because they are still engineered for mass production with injection molding.

Results: The machine was developed quickly and the first aesthetic and functional maquette was realized in time to launch the product during an important trade fair. Thei get excellent market directions from it!


Portfolio Description

ISE srl is a company specialized in the design and production of laboratory analyzers and associated Reagent . Hemo One is a compact and fully automatic analyzer for the diagnosis of, among other things, metabolic disorders, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, TDM and DOA. Strengths of the machine are the practicality of use, the completeness of the functions together with easy cleaning and maintenance of the parts.

When ISE asked us for support, Hemo One’s electronics and software had already been defined, the “hard” hardware was implanted but the analyzer remained to be “dressed” to make it easy-to-use.

With the term Affordance (invitation to use) we define the physical quality of an object that suggests to a human being the appropriate actions to manipulate it. The work of our designer Arch. Giovanni Annese focused a lot on this aspect starting from the disposition of Hemo One functional elements, so that they were immediately recognizable and easily usable by the operator. The hinges of the machine are the touch monitor, the printer and the card reader that enables the operator to use the analyzer.

Following an in-depth analysis of the user interface and the relationship with the operator both in daily use and during cleaning and maintenance operations all the surfaces that make up the machine are connected without edges to facilitate ordinary cleaning operations.

The position of the lamp placed behind the printer was the only “constraint” of design, so our Architect choose to put the main elements distinctly creating dedicated access compartments  and easy to reach, assembled in some cases with the help of magnets. The chromatic definition enhances this choice and harmonizes Hemo One.

Our designer also focused a lot on the touch monitor and made it a strong point of Hemo One. In line with the theme of Affordance the monitor is reclining, and it is equipped with a joint that allows the user to move it away or bring it closer to the central body to get the best possible use. The sinuous shape of the central cover aesthetically characterizes the analyzer and after some color tests our client decided for an opaque black contrasting with the neutral color of the main body.

After the design phase, we created the first working prototype so that ISE srl could exhibit it at the Medica fair. The side panels have been made of metal sheet as they will be in the final product while the frontal parts, the monitor shells and the cover have been made by stereolithography and then painted.

The constant collaboration with ISE has allowed to carry out a careful and detailed work that has collected the favorable opinion of the visitors of the fair contributing to the rapid launch of the product on the market.


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