Security and home automation

It is a rapidly growing and constantly evolving sector that has been able to exploit the union with telecommunications and the internet to establish itself in both the civil and industrial sectors. The aesthetics of the product takes on a greater value for domestic application products ranging from the remote control of the gate to the alarm siren for internal or external use, from the devices (even touch) for the home automation system, to video surveillance. This category also includes devices for reading and recognizing banknotes, (used by banks, shops and restaurants), access control systems, bar code readers, ATMs and gaming machines.

Our experience gained over the years has focused both on the rapid prototyping phases and also on product development starting from its aesthetic concept. The search for a trendy and functional design is deeply felt in this sector especially in the “civil” segment to ensure complete integration with the furnishing styles of the various rooms in the home. Our ability and our added value lie precisely in working carefully on the study of new aesthetic forms while keeping intact the functional aspect of the product and in the constant attention to the optimization of the project for the purposes of production processes.

This allows obtaining excellent results from the aesthetic point of view and perfectly conforming to the functionality that the product must have, in fast times and with contained costs. The possibility of being able to also produce rapid prototypes through our internal workshop with the best technologies of rapid prototyping, stereolithography, sintering, FDM and CNC machining allows our customers to test their project at any time and to optimize the development phases. Many customers prefer sintering, FDM and CNC machining because it is often necessary to test the product under particular conditions of mechanical stress or heat.

Clients: Cespro, Optea, Combivox, Iseo Serrature Spa, Emme Esse SPA, Securitaly, Axel, Gewiss, E-Electron, Avotec, ACM, Lince, Venitem, Videotec, Elvox, Ponzio, Lovato, ABB

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