Medical and Fitness

The use of rapid manufacturing and rapid prototyping technologies has found fertile ground in the medical devices and beauty equipment sector for years. Based on our experience, the main reason for this trend is the need to create highly customized devices that often require low production runs and certified, high-performance materials.

In addition to the advantage of producing prototypes in stereolithography or sintering to test a new project at the mechanical, assembly or aesthetic level, it is possible to produce pre-series with polyurethane resins that well simulate the characteristics of definitive plastic molding polymers. The production technology used is silicone mold replicas, in vacuum casting. The performances of this prototype process are excellent both for the materials available and for the finishing of the pieces, so that very often the components are used directly on definitive machines.

With silicone mold replicas it is possible to perform many surface finishing, for example painting, screen printing, vacuum metallization. This makes it possible to launch a new product on the market reducing equipment costs and production times. On stereolithography technology (SLA) we have the possibility to use Accura Clearvue medical certificate USP Class VI. For the production of silicone molds we have many polyurethane resins with different technical characteristics to meet specific project requirements (V0, FDA certificate).

We can also produce mechanical parts with definitive material through numerically controlled mechanical processing. This is the best solution when you need to produce a very small series with definitive material. Over the years we have gained considerable experience in the industrial design of medical and aesthetic equipment of various kinds; thanks to this our designers develop innovative aesthetic solutions in line with the device’s operating specifications and in full compliance with the production processes that will be adopted. In addition to medical devices, this sector also includes beauty equipment, dental instruments and baby care.

Clients: Optikon, Ginevri, Medica, Tecnoideal, Fater, Procte&Gamble, Lean, Pacioni, Delta Biologicals, Glomeria, Faro, Aptar, Led, Eurodent, Villa Sistemi Medicali, Echolight, Medical Technology, Artsana, Beghelli, Cefla, Parlux, Maletti, Technogym, Panatta, Campagnolo, Selle Italia, Mandelli, Northwave, Olicrom, Zero Industry, Mares, Cressi.

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