Even in the industrial sector, ergonomics and design have taken on substantial importance in recent years. Given their location, workshops and environments in which manual work prevails, industrial machines are composed of parts in metallic materials such as steel and aluminum obtained through carpentry, turning and milling processes which, however, allow limited shape geometries.

When you want to carry out an aesthetic study on an industrial machine or in any case a large machine, the most suitable production process for the crankcases is thermoforming; this is true both for the geometries of shape and for the production numbers which very often do not exceed hundreds of units. With thermoforming, various types of plastic materials can be processed. ABS, polycarbonate and polystylene are the most commonly used. This technology shapes plastic plates on a mold that is produced by milling according to the shape that is to be obtained. The plastic sheet heated by a machine is placed on the mold and by vacuum reaches the shape of the mold, the excess material is eliminated with the aid of specially constructed templates. Before starting the thermoforming process it is possible to decorate the sheet by silk-screen printing or digital printing.

Our experience in this sector is quite wide, we have followed several projects for special machines and medical machines both in the industrial design and engineering phases and in the production phases. Some examples of projects we have followed are visible in the case history.

Clients: Klindex, OM Carrelli, Still, Kaercher

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