Electronical devices

The electronic devices sector is very broad and includes numerous products: automation equipment, security devices, military and railway devices, barcode readers, measurement and diagnostic tools, modems, telecommunication devices, RFID devices, musical instruments, devices energy control, fitness devices and more.

The technological advancement and the new online lifestyles favored the development of new devices always connected to the internet and to the BIG DATA for the most disparate applications. Very often the know-how of the companies that develop this type of device focuses on the electronic or software part and find in Coesum the ideal interlocutor to customize the external body of the device without sacrificing design and functionality. We have gained an important experience in this sector, the customer releases us the general specifications of the device as overall dimensions and functionality, leaving the development of the new design to our team. Other times the customer, having no particular needs on the design, and having the internal skills for mechanical product design, shares the 3D files with us asking us for support in the production of the individual mechanical parts. In this sector, all our rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing technologies are valid and we always choose process and materials that best meet the needs of the project. Coesum is able to offer a very wide overview of the best rapid prototyping technologies currently available for the production of single pieces or pre-series. Very often when there is need to create aesthetic details the choice falls on stereolithography for its performance (smooth, easily paintable finish) or if there is a need for greater mechanical strength it is possible to choose nylon powder sintering (also glass or aluminum loaded ). For example, if the customer’s need to present a new product at the fair, a very important occasion to collect orders and consent, the use of these technologies allows us to present a device that is aesthetically similar to the finished product . For functionality requirements it could be decisive to produce the parts with silicone mold replicas since the performances of the materials used are much closer to those of the injection molding materials.

Clients: Datalogic, Ditron, Seac Banks, Apem, Digicom, Ceia, Cartoni, Matica, Elemaster, MarkBass

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