Product research and development: processes, actions, examples, what we can do for you

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What is product research and development?

The research and development of new products is a fundamental phase for the strategic growth of any company.

From conception to research to the creation of prototypes, each development is different from the next.

However, there are some fundamental steps that can help define an optimal strategy.

The process and the steps

The product development process has evolved over the past few years.

Analyzing hundreds of projects that we have followed, we have identified six distinct phases:

This helps organize the process better and break down individual deliverables into smaller tasks.

Following a well-defined strategy in each step helps to simplify the launch but above all to promote collaboration by facilitating team communication and teamwork.

The phases of the design

In the industrial field, the study of product design must always be in line with functionality.

We generally offer 3 aesthetic solutions with photorealistic renderings to allow the customer to view the product in a context of real use.

In this phase it is essential to have a preliminary idea of the next steps of engineering and production.

This will make it possible to develop forms and an aesthetic that can be produced in terms of feasibility and economy of scale.

Each proposal is different in form and function but all comply with the technical specifications of the product shared with the customer during the collection of specifications.

Immediately after this step, following the choice of the definitive version, it is very useful to produce a prototype to validate shapes, dimensions and carry out the first assembly tests.

With the definition of the style, the design and engineering of the product can begin.

This step will allow you to obtain all the 3D files suitable for the construction of production equipment.

The technologies used and our services

The development of an industrial product requires very advanced skills in terms of:

  • Software for design, rendering and engineering
  • Adequate technologies for the production of prototypes and pre-series;
  • Mass production technologies.

For the study of the design we use Rhinoceros commercial application software for 3D modeling of surfaces.

For 3D design SolidWorks parametric three-dimensional drawing and design software.

In relation to prototyping technologies, we have all the technologies mainly used in the industrial field:

  • 3D printing for plastic and metal materials;
  • CNC machining with machining centers up to 5 axes;
  • Vacuum casting: technology suitable for the production of pre-series in rigid, semi-rigid plastic and rubber (also co-moulded).

Our expertise

Our expertise covers all stages of development.

This ability is of great value in terms of optimization of the individual steps with consequent reduction of development times and costs.

Our team scrupulously follows all the project steps to achieve an optimal result.

Project and Production Management

The COESUM group conceives product development as a cycle of synergistic and coordinated operations and activities.

Case Histories

With over 20 years of experience we have hundreds of products developed in different industrial sectors.

These are some examples of projects that we have followed in various stages of product development. In particular:

  • Home automation keyboard: Original liquid crystal keyboard with an elegant design thanks to the chromatic customization with colored inserts. For this project we have followed all the steps from design to mass production from injection molding for plastic parts.
  • Console for radiological equipment: it is an accessory component of a radiological machine that we have developed entirely. The console has been designed as a joystick to control all table movements.
  • Outdoor Siren: This product is designed to inspire confidence. The LED zone is inspired by the gaze of a soldier who watches over his home. This is also a project designed for mass production with plastic materials.
  • Tip for medical equipment: it is an accessory part connected by cable to a benchtop device used for radiofrequency. The design is thought to facilitate the operator during the treatment: ergonomic handle and simple line. A niche product with limited editions that we have produced for years with silicone mold replicas.
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