Premio innovazioni 2017: the winners

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On the 10th and 11th of November 2017, the 4th edition of the Premio Innovazioni organized by the Innovative Services Section of Confindustria Chieti-Pescara and the Pepe Collective Cultural Association took place.

This year, the award for the “Innovation Champions of Large Companies” is the Innovation Spiral; designed by our Architect Giovanni Annese and realized in stereolithography here in COESUM.

The winners of the Large Enterprises were entrepreneurs Serafino Menzietti of Maico Srl and Sebastiano Caffo of Distilleria Caffo Srl. The first is an American company operating in the audioprothetic sector, while the latter is one of the most important Italian and world-wide companies in the beverage sector for the distillation and processing of liqueurs.

We also made a special prize for InnovAzioni Startup by Metamer Champion, of which the winner was Officine Piacentini; Their design is “Kuriosa- Forced ventilation shelf system”: a ventilation system with the shape of a shelf, consisting of coaxial fans, thermostat and ignition control, which helps to prevent ceiling heat dispersion. With the use of Kuriosa, the heaters can operate at lower temperatures of 45 ° C, lowering the boiler temperature from 70 ° C to 50 ° C, maintaining the standard temperatures in the rooms, increasing comfort and well-being, optimizing the use of condensing boilers and heat pumps, with the savings of 35% gas in the traditional ones. The installation of Kuriosa on all wall-mounted heat sinks becomes indispensable for heating installations in the metropolis, as it results in a remarkable reduction in CO2 production in boiler exhaust gases.

The awards were made with one of the best prototyping technologies of additive manufacturing: stereolithography; technology with which you can produce any geometry from a three-dimensional file; the process involves the polymerization of a liquid resin by means of a laser that solidifies the material by constructing the geometry for horizontal layers. This technology is widely used to produce aesthetic details that, as in this case, should be painted or worked superficially to obtain a particular aesthetic yield. For the awards of Serafino Menzietti and Sebastiano Caffo the prizes were painted, while the third prize for Officine Piacentini was produced directly with a transparent resin.

Our congratulations to the other winners among the SMEs: Universal Human Movement in Become to Onlus, Ezy Doc Srl.

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