Plastic pre-series

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excellent mechanical performance and resistance over 120 °

PX 223 resin is used in silicone mold castings for prototyping and pre-series with properties similar to thermoplastics.

It is a vacuum casting polyurethane resin for technical parts and prototypes and has a flexural modulus of 2,300 Mpa and a glass transition temperature above 120 ° C.

PX 223HT resin is an ABS-like material used above all when thermal resistance and good chemical resistance are required.

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  • Excellent resistance to impact and bending
  • Heat deformation temperature above 120 ° C
  • Black colour
  • Hardness 80 shoreD
  • Important thermal and temperature resistance
  • Low aggressiveness towards silicone molds
  • Low viscosity due to ease of casting
  • An excellent resin that can be used in a wide range of applications for prototypes for automotive, mechanical, medical and electronics in general.

Some examples

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