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Plastic molding, definition and types

Plastic molding is an automatic production process that allows objects to be mass-produced with plastic materials.

The process used is called injection molding.

The phases

Plastic molding is the last stage in the development process of a new product or component.

The moment we are ready to start molding production, it means that we have completed all the 3D CAD design and prototyping steps.

All the previous phases are aimed at defining the three-dimensional geometry of the object, carrying out assembly, aesthetic, functional tests and anything else that may be necessary before starting definitive production.

Rapid prototyping, vacuum casting or even milling technologies are generally used to validate the development phases.

At the end of the engineering phases, injection molding production can begin.

Plastic Molding Studio
The phases: engineering

We can summarize the main molding phases:


It concerns the design of the 3D file. This skill is generally entrusted to mechanical designers who have the ability to use advanced 3D CAD design software. The main objective of this step is to design according to the production process.


Once the design of the component is completed, the design of the molding equipment can be started. The injection mold is a rather complex piece of equipment directly proportional to the component to be made.


This phase involves the production of the equipment to be used for molding. The mold is produced with different types of steel; the choice of material is mainly conditioned by the production material, the number of pieces to be produced and the finish of the component to be molded.


Often before starting definitive production, we carry out a pre-series useful for validating the geometry of the piece and the functioning of the mould. This sampling allows the customer to make the appropriate assessments on the piece and endorse the start of definitive production.


Following validation on the sampling, we proceed with photoengraving or polishing which allows us to obtain the desired surface finish, matt, glossy or embossed.


Molding is carried out in production batches.


All modifications and maintenance of the equipment can be carried out in our workshop.

The technologies used

Plastic molding is carried out with steel or aluminum moulds.

In addition to injection molds, it is possible to produce plastic molding parts with prototype molds.

This second solution allows you to have a batch molding production without building a definitive mold.

The temporary equipment remains available for 12 months, after this period it is dismantled.

Our case studies

We have hundreds of industrial projects for plastic molding.

Some examples

vehicle control
This product is composed of two half-cases and the front closure, all components are molded in ABS.
boats control

Produced for the nautical sector, it is a joystick for radio control of boats. The front and the top cover at the knob are chrome.

plastic carter

Produced for the nautical sector, it is a joystick for radio control of boats. The front and the top cover at the knob are chrome.

Our services

Our service includes the design and creation of the mould.

The equipment remains with us for plastic molding.

Our service includes maintenance and any changes agreed with the customer.

Why contact us

Our value lies in the development of a complete project from design to series production. This allows you to optimize development times and costs.

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