Once again art ... .and additive manufacturing, for an extraordinary success!

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The V edition of the biennial international art festival “SeminariaSogninterra“, which took place in the enchanting Borgo di Maranola, has just ended a few hours ago. The theme of success was “the memory of water“, referring to the fact that in the previous year there were considerable losses from the public aqueduct and this led to the lack of knowledge in the houses of the country. The main purpose was to raise awareness about this big problem.

During the event, the village has been transformed into an open air museum, under the stars, with the help of works, structures and real exhibitions. An important part of the event was dedicated to works created thanks to innovative technologies, such as “Sete”, the great work of the artist Luciano Sozio who decided to turn to the COESUM profession and to the rapid prototyping technologies for the realization. And after a little breaf in COESUM from a brilliant idea of new Make it Real !!!

This is the thought that inspired the artist “The thirst starts where the water ends. The glasses collected by the Maranolese families fill the space, but they are empty like open mouths and stretched towards something that does not arrive. Who distributes water and with what criterion?

The drop was made in stereolithography, additive manufacturing technology particularly suited to the production of aesthetic details and smooth surface. In this specific case the need was to produce a large drop of water, so we chose the Accura Clearvue transparent material.

The out-of-machine prototype was sanded and prepared for painting in transparent blue to simulate the color of the water. The drop was installed in a room full of glasses of water and the drop spins over thanks to a moving airplane.

Once again it was an honor to collaborate with Luciano Sozio and collaborate as a partner for a unique event and to contribute to the creation of a unique work that once again confirms the infinite potential and application of prototyping.

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