New product development in the industrial sector: Design for safety glasses

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COESUM once again involved in the development of a new industrial product: protective goggles to be used in the workplace.

The attention and care for the study of new aesthetic solutions is a significant added value for those who want to develop a new product even in the industrial field.

The main goal was to develop a new and innovative design product, in a rather standardized sector.

For this project, our customer focused attention on the aesthetics of the model together with the functional aspects of ergonomics and manufacturability.


Before starting the aesthetic development of the product, we collected the technical project specifications:

  • The shape of the lenses was made following the optical criterion of the sphere
  • Development of two models:
    • fixed rods
  • Sharing of space

Collected this information as a starting point, our designer Giovanni Annese has screwed up the aesthetic study of design.

After a careful analysis of the current products on the market, the designer studied the new line inspired by the geometry of 3D viewers.

The goal of this design was to make the line more streamlined and elegant than the products currently on the market; at the same time, the inspiration in virtual reality was useful to make the product more technological.

The delivery of the project for the design phase ended with

  1. Custom design proposal with related photorealistic renderings
  2. Development of photorealistic renderings in the two models
  3. Development of photorealistic renderings for color applications
  4. Customization with company logo

Second step: ENGINEERING

Engineering is the step in which a project passes from the design phase to industrialization

The purpose of this step is to design the 3D files of the product in its entirety.

The production process chosen was injection molding.

Attention was focused on:

  1. 3D CAD design of the telescope and fixed system.
  2. Geometries of the hinge locking and opening system.
  3. Definition of the minimum thickness of the optical zone according to the specifics and regulations of the sector.

Everything to create 3D files suitable for production.

The project ended with the release of 3D files in .stp and .igs format.

Thanks to this study, DANDY 100% Made in Italy protective glasses was born.

There are three models on the market: Fixed rods, Adjustable rods and adjustable rods with anti-scratch lenses.

The utmost attention to detail and performance are guaranteed by the characteristics of the product:

  • Resting bi-spherical lens
  • Ergonomic frame
  • Rod in soft anti-pressure material
  • Wrap-around style with ample protection
  • Single lens with wide field of view
  • 100% metal free
  • EN166 compliant
  • Class “F” shockproof lenses for models with Adjustable Temples

Also for this project we have kept faith with our Mission: to develop a design product with the requirements of industrial feasibility.

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