Mold prototypes: the solution for first-manufacturing with definitive materials

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If you need a plastic first production series of your parts with definitive materials, but you aren’t in the position of starting production through definitive molding equipment or waiting for the deliver of the production batch, you can consider the solution of the mold prototypes.

Even in the development of industrial products, time is money. Frequently, gaining even just a day in the delivery of the product to the customer means optimizing manufactory’s costs in a significative way. In this article we are going to introduce a case history, about a company that works in aeronautical sector, and every following steps to produce accessiories parts of a plane’ sit for ATR.

What mold prototypes are and what are their purpose

Mould prototypes is a temporary equipment for the production of a few batches with definitive material in a relative short time span of 5 or 6 weeks. With mould prototypes we can gain 2 or 3 weeks compared to a first-manufaturing with definitive materials: in this case the time factor was essential for our customer. To start this kind of manufacture, we build the matrices of the structure to produce and built them on a mould holder. There are different benefits for the customer:

1. Quick time of execution
2. Manufacturing with definitive materials
3. The costumer will not buy the mold, but only the production

This equipment can be available for other productions for 12 months, after that time span the mould will be dismantle. In this case it wasn’t possible to suggest any alternative solutions, like a silicone replica production. With this process we will have used a certificate material V0, as you can see in the Certificate prototype and small series, but it wouldn’t have been the definitive material and, with this process, we couldn’t have guarantee the precision of the mould prototype.

The Geven’s case and certification tests in aeronautical environment

This project was accomplished for Geven, an italian well-known and strengthened reality of aeronautical sector, undisputed leader in manufacturing sector for seats and interiors for aicrafts. For this project, Geven was focused on the development of a plane’s seat for ATR, in particular they needed a production of 1000 parts with definitive material and a mould, made by plastic injection, with a certain precision for doing HIC tests which are impact dynamic tests for the certification.

Every CAD 3D’s design phases were accomplished by the costumer: in the first step we produced 20 rough parts, after the validation we have got the right to proceed for the finish of the moulding equipment to obtain parts with the same finish of definitive parts.

The plane is one of the safest means of transport and statistics will prove that. Every parts of the plane must be subjected to strict tests to guarantee the perfect endurance in every situation, allowing to the costumers to satisfy every international standards and requirement needed. Tests are made on definitive parts, that are identical for shape, materials and precision to parts that will be used definitely for the plane. That is the reason because, in this cases, is necessary to use equipments like molds prototype that permit to have production  parts  in quick time. This choice permitted Geven to conduct certification tests and develop the product before receiving the definitive parts.

Thanks to Geven and its staff for involving us in this new challenge!!

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