Mini Slot coffee machine in pods

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Customer objective: To develop a “Small” version of the flagship product, the Slot pod coffee machine. After developing the project internally, Faber Italia needed a partner for the production of plastic and metal prototypes for functional tests.

Cohesive solution: Use of additive manufacturing and in particular of stereolithography with both opaque and transparent material so that plastic prototypes were as realistic as possible. Use of CNC mechanical machining to create extremely precise and functional metal prototypes.

Results: The realization of the prototypes allowed Faber Italia to test the project and make the appropriate design changes to optimize production. After this phase the machine went into series production and achieved excellent results in the Vending sector.

Faber Italia is a company born from the passion and expertise of Alfonso Teti, its founder. The passion for coffee and mechanical expertise have found fertile ground first in the Marcianise workshop and then in the largest site in Caserta, maintaining the goal of making coffee pods. The conceptual choice is still the same today: to create a quality product, completely Made in Italy, from the selection of materials to the realization of the components of the machine, all hand assembled by expert craftsmen. Thanks to the internal R & D department that develops the projects in full autonomy, Faber Italia proposes itself both as a direct producer and as an OEM collecting large consents from coffee roasters and large distributors who wish to create customized product lines.

The idea of ​​an innovative and highly customizable product was the spark for the study and production of the Mini-Slot, the Small version of the flagship product from the Campania company that meets the needs of the consumer market where the trend is aimed at space-saving products with an attractive design at the same time. The numerous color combinations make the machine highly customizable to harmonize it and integrate it perfectly into the surrounding environment, this aspect is joined by a great work “behind the scenes” for the innovation of the product. It is the first machine in fact equipped with a rear discharge tank and can also handle larger cups thanks to the removable drip without loss of liquid.

The collaboration with Coesum has been concentrated in the last few months precisely with the realization of the prototypes in transparent stereolithography for the 1lt and ½lt collection tanks and the opaque resin prototypes for the drip system. The rapidity of production of additive technologies has allowed the R & D department of Faber Italia to carry forward the functional and assembly tests with speed and easily reach the definition of the production model.

Reducing the time to market of consumer products on the Vending market is a very important challenge to win, above all to support the market trend launched by coffee roasters that often determine product innovation.

In the immediate future the real revolution will be on two fronts: the use of compostable and green pods with a view to safeguarding the environment and the market of machines for soluble products that today laments a lack of design care.

Whatever will be the spark that will move Faber Italia on one or maybe on both roads we will be ready to support them![:]

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