It's up to the device to counteract our level of fatigue driving!

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Thanks to Panasonic already from October next, we will be able to find the new device commercially capable of perceiving our tiredness in driving.

A remarkable breakthrough for both the automotive industry and our car security, this camera uses an evolved camcorder with the contactless detection system, which does not require any physical contact with the driver. In fact, this camera detects the drowsiness of the driver before he realizes it, measuring both eyelid and facial expressions, but also many other vital parameters. In detail, this is a real artificial intelligence that can accurately estimate the level of sleepiness between five levels:1. Not at all sleepy, 2. Somewhat sleepy, 3. Asleep, 4. Very sleepy, 5. Extremely sleepy.


In addition, the system collects relevant data within the vehicle, including environmental brightness and temperature. These findings provide the system with the ability to predict the changes in the level of sleepiness. Finally, the driver’s thermal sensation level is monitored and monitored.

The merger of these technologies led Panasonic to file 22 patent applications. Noteworthy, the first operating devices will be available from October 2017. We remind you that this Panasonic technology is suitable for use in both individual and environmental monitoring systems, for use on commercial and private vehicles, offices and educational institutions, Systems of prediction of drowsiness and management systems of the same.

An important step forward that has brought with it a remarkable improvement in the predictive capacity of drowsiness detection systems.

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