How to make prototypes for a movie

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Which is the destiny of your prototypes? Laboratory stress test or fair footlights?

These are the usual purposes of mechanical and industry prototypes, but today we would talk about the protagonist of a real movie!

We were very pleased to work with Bedeschi Film srl ( for the realization of the co-star of “Indesit Toy” film, the man video for Indesit campaign #DoItTogether.

Enjoy the film, after we will reveal you our work details!

The toy washing machin is teh co-star of the film, we realized it using stereolithography, an additive manufacturing technology ideal for aestethical parts. Prototypes made by stereolithography are very easy to paint, the washing machin has been divided into many parts made also with transparent material. After painting we assembled them and put stickers to reproduce accurately the real appliance controls.

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