High performance topograph

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Customer objective: The Optikon company oversaw the design and planning of the Keratron ™ Piccolo and after a few validation steps with prototypes it was ready for the engineering of plastic injection molds.

Solution proposed by Coesum: We have engineered the molds for the two shells of the Mire cone and for the base, considering to produce them with thermoplastic ABS V0 material already colored in mass so that the product does not require final painting.

Results: In about 10 weeks between the start of the engineering phase and the final delivery of the production we concluded the project.

Optikon is an Italian company based in Rome that since 1966 has been producing high-tech instruments, which allow ophthalmologists and optometrists to always find better treatments and treatments for the sight of their patients. With a constant investment in plants, high-tech components and logistics services, Optikon aims to guarantee the highest technical and quality standards in combination with the maximum reliability of its products.

Keratron ™ Piccolo, is a topographer of small dimensions but with great performances. In addition to being extremely manageable and transportable, the Keratron ™ Piccolo guarantees maximum compatibility on any slit lamp, ensuring the same performances of precision, repeatability and corneal coverage of the other instruments of the Keratron ™ family. The exclusive design of the Mire cone with EPCS system makes Keratron ™ Piccolo fully adaptable to the most complex cases, ensuring better efficiency and fewer repeated attempts.

The two shells of the Mire cone have the characteristic rounded shape that required careful study of the material’s shrinkage and flow to obtain the best possible aesthetic result. The details are in matt ABS V0 RAL 9001.

This project represented the first opportunity for contact with Optikon, still fruitful today, which continued with other equally interesting projects.

Really thanks to Optikon and her team!

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