Good luck guys!

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Thanks to the University G. D’Annunzio and in particular to the Department of Architecture and Design for having involved us at the Open Day held today in Pescara University.


Various studies have shown that the ability of a person to know how to orient himself within his own context is a real strategic skill that is very important in this historical period. These spaces also include those relationships between universities, companies and institutions that are created to help students meet and enter the world of work. We believe that it is of great importance to improve this relationship not only to offer experiences and opportunities to students, but also because the university could have the possibility to continuously update business principles in teaching, and companies could benefit from research and skills of graduates.

This relationship between the Coesum and the Architecture and Design Pole of the University of Annunzio has been solidifying for some time. We launched a contest to help students get into the business perspective and today we had the pleasure of participating in the orientation day for future freshmen with a small desk and some products made with rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing technologies.


We take the opportunity to make a big good luck to all students and future freshmen!

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