Future product will be "hybrid"

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At the conclusion of the CES 2016 in Las Vegas we try to trace trends to understand what will be the new products “coming soon” in our homes. The focus key is digital, it is embracing all sectors and is revolutionary for the way in which it can carry out traditional activities: we already define this product as “hybrid” because they do automatic functions once taking place in only in analogic way.

The automotive sector showed muscles and brain on green themes: electric cars suitable even at high speed. One example is the concept car FFZero1 of the Chinese automaker Faraday Future: an electric car of 1,000 horsepower capable of reaching 320 km/h. It will probably be available from 2017 and will have a modular soul that will be the basis for 7 versions planned. How would it integrate the digital? “Ergonomic seat positioned at 45 degrees (to improve blood circulation), a dashboard that also reveals the biometric data of the driver, the security system Halo and a helmet that provides water and oxygen to the pilot as well as the details on the projected directly visor. The steering wheel can enter their smartphone, through which you can control all functions of the car“. Is it enough?


Augmented reality was another leitmotif of CES 2016 event and featured many sectors and products: the Parrot DISC for example is a fixed-wing drone that you can fly comfortably seating at a great distance using a display of augmented reality as Oculus Rift. It can fly independently for 45 minutes thanks to the reduced electric energy consumption and the capacity of its batteries.


Safety in the workplace will also benefit greatly from Daqri Smart Helmet which “has a system of image recognition, the ability to project information in 2D and 3D, a tracking system that does not rely on GPS (works then even indoors), adds the “superpowers” to the wearer such as sensors capable of measuring an excessive electric field, the camera and the microphones which is fitted to record everything, not only what the user perceives.”


Remaining on the subject of security also Owlet Smart Sock (www.owletcare.com) deserves a mention: it is a soft neonatal shoe that monitors both the heartbeat and the oxygen levels in the blood: the software can detects anomalies and sends alerts to smartphones connected so parents can intervene in time.


We would like to conclude this article with a reflection: digital will definitely improve many aspects of our lives and reduce the negative impact of risk situations, natural disasters thanks to the ability of monitoring and prevention that can play; the attention of human being must, however, remain to be addressed in the digital as only one of the tools of our daily lives and not the only method through which relate to reality and people … the risk could be the “emotional desertification” and the trasformation into androids…

Do you agree?

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