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What makes a product truly innovative?

In our opinion, the way to make the most of the technology it bears and the ability to reach any user: this is why we define Scanfly an innovative product. We are talking about a 3D LiDAR mapping tool designed to adapt to mounting on aircraft, land vehicles and backpack version.

The Italian 3D TARGET involved us in its project to support the realization of Scanfly mechanics, starting from the study phase, to prototyping up to production.

The first need was to create an assembly prototype to verify the correct assembly of the parts, also testing mechanical strength and flight tests.

In order to fully respond to this request, we have proposed to the customer to create a hybrid version, the result of a sum of technologies each responding to a specific purpose.

We proposed a mix of plastic material, consisting of parts made in stereolithography, a technology capable of creating very precise and detailed prototypes and parts made of nylon powder sintering, which returns mechanically more resistant parts. For this choice to be successful, we refine the prototypes a lot in post production: the two technologies chosen have in fact different finishes and shrinkages and to have a good assembly result it is necessary to work on the individual couplings. Lastly, the finish in the spray booth for an optimal aesthetic result.

The finished pieces were then treated with a specific paint for EMI shielding (protection against interference from electromagnetic fields).

Thanks to a network of reliable and technologically competent partners, we are able to provide our customers with integrated solutions and products ready to be placed on the market.

Thanks to the feedback given by the tests carried out on the prototype, our customer was able to quickly arrive at a definitive mathematics that we made in aluminum through CNC mechanical machining . The parts were made with 5-axis cutters ensuring precision and speed of execution.

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