Finally the #3DIdeaDesk contest winner

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With great pleasure and a bit of pride we reveal the name of the winner of 3DIdeaDesk contest a competition we organized in collaboration with the Placement D’Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara. A jury of five professionals has assessed a total of 7 projects giving scores on originality, usefulness, functionality, marketability, aesthetics etc. With an edge of 30 points over second classified the jury declares the winning duo of Paolo D’Onofrio and Fernando Toscano for their concept DaBraEen! Our congratulations to the two young students for their excellent work, we give you a taste:

DaBraEen D'Onofrio+Toscano
Tavola DaBraEen

The winner erans a cash prize and an internship at our headquarters in Chieti. We are going to organize an event in the coming weeks in the Faculty of Architecture in Pescara for official award ceremony and to present the next edition of the contest. We thank the University Placement in the person of Prof. Luca Di Bartolomeo and Prof. Domenico Potenza as representative of the Faculty of Architecture for their support, their sharing and their care for the success of the event and for the opportunity given to students to defend his ideas.

The enthusiasm of the team is already contagious…

Stay tuned!

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