Even Oscar made with 3D Printing

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Today we will talk about how 3D printing has managed to enter the world of cinema, especially in the night of the Oscars which is just held last night in Los Angeles.

It is precisely in 2015 that the realization of the figurines is performed by a design agency in New York that uses 3D printing and bronze casting.

The Academy wanted to return to the original gilded bronze statue of 1928 and, since the material is also better than the tin and gold mix used so far, is also more delicate aesthetically. Consider that until 2015 to take care of the Oscars was a company of trophies in Chicago.

Where once they left from the bronze work and needed a very able person for sculpture and carving, but today everything is digitized.

Daniel Plonski, 3D artist responsible for the production, explains how to perform the reproduction of these statuettes.


They have made three different types: the classic type, the latest version of 2015 and the last one who made them. The latter is closer to the original version.

He explains that when completed the project send it to the 3D printer produces 3D models in wax that will serve for the construction of the mold in which through the casting process will be poured molten bronze.

It is a very long process, he explains, is made a mold for each Oscar and there are 10 different steps to get to the final statue. They prepare one for each candidate, and the cost is top secret just like the name of the winners which were announced two days ago.

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